idQ WordPress Plugin Package is a plugin that enables multi-factor authentication for the WordPress login component. It can be used to provide secure passwordless identity assurance.  

With the idQ WordPress Extension,

  • A user can link their WordPress and idQ Enterprise accounts.  If the WordPress administrator has configured the account to use idQ Enterprise , they will be able to authenticate with idQ Enterprise to access their WordPress account
  • A user who selects the idQ Enterprise login option will authenticate by using the idQ Access app on their registered trusted device and scanning / clicking the idQ QR code
  • Once authenticated by idQ Enterprise, the user's idQ ID is checked to see if it is linked with a WordPress account.  If it is, the user is logged into their associated WordPress account.

WordPress Plugin Functional Description

The idQ-WordPress plugin contains the WP-Oauth plugin which allows OAuth to be used with WordPress to enable the use of idQ Enterprise to login to WordPress.



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