inBay's app, idQ Access, transforms your device into a Trusted Device used to authenticate your identity online with idQ Enterprise. 

Use idQ Access to ensure that only YOU can login, and only YOU can authorize access to your private information and account activity online.

To login into an application using idQ Access or to respond to an authorization request, you must provide a user supplied factor to the idQ Access app. This user supplied factor may be a PIN or a factor that is same as the device unlock method that your device supports.

Once accessed, idQ Access is used to scan a QR code or tap a button to trigger inBay’s patented, automated idQ authentication system to:

  • Prompt your device to automatically generate a secure digital signature that is used to identify you to the idQ Enterprise server
  • Auto-generate an out-of-band channel for transmitting the signature to the idQ Enterprise server
  • Automatically have the signature verified by the idQ Enterprise server 

Reduce the Potential for Impersonation and Unauthorized Access to your Personal Accounts

idQ Access provides 3 inputs for the generation of a unique one-time digital signature to be used in the authentication:

  1. A local user supplied factor,
  2. Unique hardware information from your trusted device, and
  3. Information from the server that was generated at registration time.

A response to the challenge offered by the application is created by scanning the displayed QR Code or tapping an idQ Button, or by responding to a delegated authorization request.  This generates a digital signature that is verified by the idQ Enterprise server. 

idQ Access – platforms

The idQ Access for iOS app is available on iOS devices which have iOS v9.0+. 
The idQ Access for Android is available on Android devices which have Android 5+.
The idQ Access for Windows app is available for Windows 10.
The idQ Access for Mac app is available for MacOS 10.12+

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