Remove and deregister a trusted device so that it can no longer be used to authenticate with idQ Enterprise.

If only 1 device is registered in your idQ Enterprise Account, you will not be able to remove it. You would need to delete your idQ Enterprise Account or deregister the device from the idQ Access app to remove a single trusted device.

By deregistering a device, idQ Access will no longer work on that device.

  1. Login using the <your organisation hostname> URL.

  2. Scan the QR code with the idQ Access app on your trusted device to log into the idQ Enterprise Account portal.

  3. Select Trusted Devices

  4. Choose the device you wish to unregister and remove from your idQ Account.  Select Remove Device. 

  5. Confirm that you have selected the right device to remove from your idQ Account. If so, select Delete Device.


  6. The device is removed from your idQ Enterprise Account.


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