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idQ OpenVPN is an integration package that enables users to be securely authenticated by idQ Enterprise as a second factor authentication to establish a passwordless VPN connection.  idQ OpenVPN utilizes the community version of OpenVPN.

For the purposes of idQ OpenVPN, Ansible is used to deploy your idQ OpenVPN server. The Ansible script provided is responsible for the automated installation of Python, JDK, Redis and MySQL on an Ubuntu server. These third-party applications are required for idQ OpenVPN.

OpenVPN is a full-featured open source SSL VPN solution that accommodates remote access. Two on-premise components help provide idQ authentication to establish a VPN connection. 

  1. idQ OpenVPN Web Server: A web server that integrates OpenVPN with idQ Enterprise.  It allows system administrators to manage users, email notification and client configurations, etc.
  2. idQ OpenVPN Authentication Plugin: A plugin that implements the OpenVPN authentication interface.  It is responsible for the verification of certificates. idQ OpenVPN authenticates through a Push notification and approval requirement with the idQ Access application.

For instructions on how to install and configure idQ OpenVPN Community Edition consult the Administratior's Installation Guide. 

Once installed, refer to the Quick Reference Guides for information on how to get started using idQ OpenVPN Community Edition.

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