FreshDesk provides SAML Single Sign On for users. 

This guide describes how to perform configuration to integrate FreshDesk with idQ Enterprise so that users can log in to FreshDesk through SAML authentication via idQ TaaS.


  1. FreshDesk account with administrative privileges.
  2. Need the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your organization's FreshDesk.
  3. Need the FQDN of your organization's idQ Enterprise.
  4. SHA-256 fingerprint of the SAML certificate derived from the certificate of your organization within idQ Enterprise.  Instructions to create this fingerprint are found in the FreshDesk - Configuration instructions section.
  5. Software to create the SHA-256 fingerprint derived from the certificate of your organization within idQ Enterprise.
  6. FreshDesk SAML SP Metadata XML file for idQ Enterprise. Instructions to create this metadata file are found in the idQ Enterprise - Configuration of FreshDesk section.



Email: support@inbaytech.com

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